Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017

Freedom Sculpture // Freiheitsskulptur // تندیس آزادی

Freedom Sculpture  
تندیس آزادی
Cyrus the Great
Kyros der Große 
کوروش بُزرگ
The Freedom Sculpture, a historic monument to diversity and inclusiveness to be gifted to the City of Los Angeles on July 4th 2017 as a symbol of freedom and humanity for all. The monument will be installed in the heart of the city on Santa Monica Blvd at Century Park East as a permanent reminder of the humanitarian ideals enshrined by the Founding Fathers of the Constitution of the United States and inspired by the ideals of Cyrus the Great and the Cyrus Cylinder. To learn more about this project and help support it please visit

Origin // Quelle // بُن مایه :
Farhang Foundation

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