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Ex-Muslim : Why I left Islam // Ex-Moslem : Warum ich den Islam verlassen habe // مُسلمانِ پیشین : چرا اسلام را رها کردم

Ex-Muslim:Why I left Islam?
Ex-Moslem : 
Warum ich den Islam verlassen habe?
مُسلمانِ پیشین : چرا اسلام را رها کردم ؟
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"Westliche Frauen,welche sich wegen der beruflichen Karriere,der Eheschließung,des Geldes zum Todeskult Islam bekehren,verraten bewusst oder unbewusst zig Millionen Mädchen und Frauen in allen sogenannten islamischen Ländern,welche gemäß dem wahren und reinen Islam des selbsternannten Propheten(!) Mohammed unter der brutalen Herrschaft des Islams leiden.Solche Westliche Frauen beteiligen sich bewusst oder unbewusst am Verbrechen des Islams gegen die Menschlichkeit.Ein Amerikaner,der vor Jahren zum Islam konvertierte,hat endlich dem Todeskult Islam den Rücken gekehrt.Er versucht jetzt im obigen Videoclip,den Menschen das wahre Gesicht des Islams zu zeigen."
Ex-Muslim : Why I left Islam ?
Hello, and Asalamu Alaykum. I’ve been a Muslim for 16 years but in the past few years, I’ve been bothered my some serious reoccurring issues that have repeatedly forced me to question my Islamic faith, and recently I have decided to finally leave Islam. In this video I will explain one reason why I left Islam, but there are many more reasons and I will need to make more videos to explain them all. This video talks about sexual immorality.To the Muslims claiming I’m wrong for using the word “rape” in the video, as the Islamic Sources didn’t actually use the word “rape”. My response is: well I could have used the words “sexual assault” but I chose “rape” for the following reasons. Think about it, there is more than one way to rape a woman. A woman could be physically forced to have sex or she could be psychologically forced to have sex due to some kind of traumatic circumstances, similar to the women whom I mentioned in my video. Women who had been taken as war captives, women who had witnessed the horrors of battle, women who had just witnessed their husbands being defeated in war by Muslim soldiers, women who were worrying about the safety of their husbands who themselves had been taken captive. Ibn Katheer in his commentary on the Qur’an stated these Muslim soldiers wanted to have sex with these female captives. Perhaps these women had heard about those evil plans? Just imagine what they were going through? In this kind of situation starting a new marriage life with strange enemy soldiers would be the last thing such women would desire. Listen, I’m no psychologist, but common sense dictates that in a situation like that such women would have been emotionally or physiologically incapacitated. Such female victims of Islamic Jihad would be incapable of giving any sane honest consent to have sexual intercourse with any man other than her already existing husband. So there you have it, now you know why I used the word “rape” in my video. I believe it accurately describes the situation. When you force a divorce upon a terrified physiologically incapacitated woman and then you try to marry her to have sex with her, than I say that such a sexual encounter is not a valid marriage at all, but is basically rape. You don't need to say the word "rape" to convey the same meaning.
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